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AH! / The Unexpected Happening

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Ah! The Unexpected Happening is a visionary performance of contemporary art, music and new visual arts, where the Pollock Project’s Jazz meets the imaginative world of the artists from the New Era Museum (NEM).

At the heart of the show is the common man in its uniqueness and originality. The Man and his most real and profound human dimension are the point of departure and arrival, under the sign of a new humanism. The furthermost authentic expressions of the face and of the human voice transforms the meaning of the new mobile technologies in a modern form of popular art.

A global event of Art-Jazz and contemporary photography in the name of Mobile Art.

The program is divided into four events:

  1. an online photo contest.

  2. setting up a live photo shoot for instant-shooting where the public is the true star of the event.

  3. Impossible Humans a photographic exhibition taken by the artists of the New Era Museum.

  4. a concert of Pollock Project based on the backdrop of the visual works by international artists.

The format has four locations, both online and live, for every event.



Arriva a Roma The Unexpected Happening



The Unexpected Happening, il provocatorio evento con il dono dell'ubiquità

di Elena Pelloni

Colonne Sonore

The Unexpected Happening, l'art-jazz incontra il photoshooting

di Veronica Mancino

Impossible Humans NEM.jpg
Impossible humans (2016)
The Unexpected Happening (2016)
The Unexpected Happening (2016)
TUH (2016)
TUH (2016)
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