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Art & Science Company presents


Dancing the Science


Dance and Choreography: Donatella Patino

Video Art: Marco Testoni

Music: Marco Testoni, Simone Salza

Camera: Micol Testoni.

Science Research Director: Fabio Sterpone

Project Manager: Maya Vetri

2021 (C) Art & Science Company


"Sneezing and Coronavirus Disease 2019" video courtesy by Lydia Bourouiba (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US) "Spike Proteins" video courtesy by Gerhard Hummer (Max Planck Institute, Frankfurt, DE)

"Spike-ACE2 Complex" video courtesy by Marco Lauricella (IAC-CNR, Rome, IT), Letizia Chiodo (UCBM, Rome, IT)

PANDE-Me (2021)


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