Andrea Ceccomori & Marco Testoni

PEREGRINANDI is a new musical project performed by Andrea Ceccomori (flute) and Marco Testoni (caisa drum and percussions). It draws its inspiration from forms of spiritual research expressed in the practice of pilgrimage on foot (from the Galician Santiago de Compostela to the Italian Via Francigena) as well as  by the life-long quest of  every soul. To explain the style of the Peregrinandi project Ceccomori coined the term “suono povero” (plain sound) to define an essential and understated musical quality. An unconventional interplay of sounds where the magic of the caisa drum creates a sophisticated and versatile texture which interacts with the intense and refined melodic line of the flute.

Peregrinandi Trio in Paris

Andrea Ceccomori, Marco Testoni, Maria Chiara Fiorucci. Feat. Dj Viceversa.

Musée des Arts Decoratifs du Louvre

Una Bacchetta per la Pace

Andrea Ceccomori & Marco Testoni

Feat. Tony Esposito, Mats Hedberg, Regina Modrich

Il Ricordo

Andrea Ceccomori & Marco Testoni

Andrea Ceccomori

Flautist. His music is the fruit of many different  influences from classical to new contemporary, from electronic- minimalist  to experimental music. Ceccomori has recorded for many labels performing works by composers such  as  Bach, Telemann, Debussy, Scelsi, Reich, Gorecki. He is dedicated to new-music repertoires and collaborates with contemporary artists from all over the world. Ceccomori has inspired many works for flute which he has performed in world premiere. He has played in Europe, Canada, the United States, South America, Africa. A number of Cd's have been published in his name. He has also taken part in collaborative recordings and in  solo television and radio broadcasts. Ceccomori holds regular master classes and his articles are published in journals  and magazines like  Amadeus, Falaut, Syrinx, Raitrade, ISCM and Cemat which support Ceccomori’s effort to disseminate contemporary music. Andrea Ceccomori is the artistic director of the Assisi Suono Sacro event- the international Festival focussing on music and spirituality – and is also a founder-member of the "Assisi Musiche Ensemble”.

Marco Testoni

Marco Testoni is a unique percussionist, composer and film music supervisor, whose latest solo album Impatiens featured the collaboration of Billy Cobham. With the striking and evocative sound of his set of Caisa drums (new generation metallophones belonging to the same family as the more famous Caribbean steel drums) Marco Testoni has once again made  percussions express the “lyricism of rhythm” fully, a trait  that best represents  the essence of his art and acts as the  manifesto of his musical style. In 2010 he founded the Pollock Project, a visionary ensemble built on the power of the intuition and the aesthetics of Art-Jazz which is able to conceive of a “visual music” with intense colours and surrealist references, so that the live act is intertwined with the visual arts and video mashups. Marco Testoni has written songs for artists like Antonella Ruggiero, Tosca, Paola Turci and Edoardo De Angelis. Since 1987 he has worked closely as media and film composer, acted  as music consultant to  directors like Guy Shelmerdine, Alessandro De Robilant, Luca Miniero, Paolo Genovese, Stefano Reali, Manuel Zarpellon, Francesco Vicario, Paolo Costella as well as to  producers and editors. In 2014 Marco Testoni's score for BlackOut won the Best Original Italian Sound-Track award (Premio Colonne Sonore 2014).